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2021年SQA “理想大使”評選活動通知

發布時間:2020-12-15 16:15:00
        SQA蘇格蘭學歷認證委員會和中國留學服務中心自合作以來,取得了豐碩的成果,積累了許多優秀學生和畢業生的成功案例。為了進一步了解各院校優秀學生情況,鼓勵項目學生獲得更優異的成績,2015年起,SQA和中國留學服務中心將通過SQA “理想大使計劃,表彰英國高等教育文憑項目最優秀的學生。


1. 本活動面向中國所有英國高等教育文憑項目院校,每個院校推薦1名學生成為SQA “理想大使;

2. 被提名人應為中國居民,目前英國高等教育文憑項目在讀(大二、大三學生);

3. 提名者將于2021年被授予SQA“理想大使身份;

4. 獎勵中無貨幣等價物;

5. SQA保留編輯和使用獲勝者材料的權利,以用于公關和教學目的;

6. 提名者必須符合《評定標準》(見第二點)并提供以下材料:



7. 預報名學生請將相關材料的電子版發送至項目部蔡老師郵箱78444965@qq.com;(郵件主題及報名材料均要求以“學生姓名+SCN號”命名,否則將視為報名無效。)

8. 報名截止日期為2021310


SQA “理想大使應達到下列標準:

1. 具有優秀的行為能力且能充分地代表英國高等教育文憑項目;

2. 承諾支持英國高等教育文憑項目發展;

3. 有清晰的愿景和目標,充滿活力,在學習中全力以赴,出色完成學習目標;

4. 有清晰的職業道路規劃,學業可以支持職業理想;

5. 關心并支持其他學生的學習和發展;


SQA Ambassadors Nomination Form


All fields are mandatory.

1. Details of the University making the Submission

University Name and Centre
Name of Person making the Submission:

Job Title:
E-mail address:


2. About your student

Tell us about your student and why you believe they will be a good SQA Ambassador:

Candidate Name:
SQA Candidate Number:
Contact E-mail Address:


3. Tell us why you are nominating this student

Do not exceed 1500 characters.

· Tell us about their personality, manner and academic results.

· Why would they be a good representative of the SQA programme?

· Tell us about their sense of purpose, energy and commitment to their learning.

· What is their career path and how are their studies supporting their career aspirations?

· How do they engage with other students and teachers?

· What have they achieved while studying an SQA Advanced Diploma at university?


4. Supporting material

I have agreement from the nominated student that the submission is used for PR purposes. 

Please e-mail a photo (jpeg) to Vivian Cai, SQA Coordinator e-mail: 78444965@qq.com.

Photo Guidelines

The photo does not need to be in a classroom setting it can be an informal snap shot.

The photo submitted should be:

· a recent image of your student

· a plain colour photo - no black & white or other filters

The student should:

· be smiling

· be facing forward and looking straight at the camera

· not be wearing sunglasses